Empowering Vishwakarma Brothers and Sisters: Government Initiatives for Training, Technology, and Tools | ₹500 Daily Allowance from the Government

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In today’s rapidly changing world, our Vishwakarma brothers and sisters must stay updated with the latest training, technology, and tools. The government recognizes this need and is committed to providing comprehensive support to enhance their skills and productivity.

Vishwakarma Brothers and Sisters: Emphasizing Training

Understanding the importance of continuous skill development, the government has strongly emphasized providing training to the Vishwakarma brothers and sisters. This training is designed to be accessible and beneficial, even for those who earn their livelihood through daily labor. During the training period, participants will receive a daily allowance of ₹500 from the government, ensuring that their financial needs are met while they upgrade their skills.

Modern Toolkits and Vouchers

To facilitate the adoption of new technology, the government is offering a toolkit voucher worth ₹15,000. This voucher can be used to purchase modern tools essential for enhancing their work’s efficiency and quality. The initiative aims to ensure that the tools acquired are from GST-registered shops and are ‘Made in India,’ promoting transparency and national self-reliance.

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Comprehensive Support in Branding, Packaging, and Marketing

The government is not just focusing on training and tools but also extending support in branding, packaging, and marketing the products created by the Vishwakarma brothers and sisters. This holistic approach ensures that the products not only meet high-quality standards but also reach a wider market, thereby increasing their demand and value.

Financial Assistance Without Collateral

One of the most significant hurdles for small-scale artisans and workers is the lack of initial capital. Addressing this issue, the government has introduced a scheme under which Vishwakarma brothers and sisters can avail of loans up to ₹3 lakhs without any collateral. This initiative is particularly notable because the government itself guarantees these loans, eliminating the need for external guarantors.

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Loan Details:

  • First Phase: Upon completing the training and adopting new tools, artisans can avail a loan of up to ₹1 lakh.
  • Second Phase: After repaying the initial loan, they are eligible for an additional loan of ₹2 lakhs.

This step-by-step financial support ensures that artisans can expand their businesses without the fear of financial constraints.


These government initiatives are a testament to the commitment to empowering the Vishwakarma brothers and sisters. By providing training, modern tools, comprehensive support in branding and marketing, and collateral-free loans, the government aims to foster growth and self-reliance among these skilled artisans.

This support system is designed to not only enhance their skills and productivity but also to ensure that their businesses can thrive in a competitive market. With these initiatives, the Vishwakarma brothers and sisters are well on their way to achieving greater economic stability and growth.

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