Jason Carter reflects on the resilience of Jimmy Carter’s spirit.

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“Despite a Year in Hospice Care, Former President Jimmy Carter Continues to Defy Odds: Insights from Grandson, Jason Carter”

“My grandfather, born in 1924, experienced a childhood without running water or electricity, tilling fields behind a mule. Witnessing the profound transformations of his life and the world, he steadfastly held onto timeless principles: faith, respect for human dignity, equality, human rights, and the paramount commandment to love one’s neighbor as oneself. Almost ten years ago, facing five melanoma tumors in his brain and liver, we invoked the words of an old gospel song, believing he would ‘stay on the battlefield.’ Remarkably, he has.”

jimmy carter

“Throughout his life, Jimmy Carter has been a champion on the battlefield for peace, human rights, democracy, and the relief of human suffering, embodying his faith and love through tangible actions for the betterment of others.”

“In his lifetime, Jimmy Carter witnessed the Carter Center mobilize a dedicated force of health workers, human rights advocates, and democracy champions, actively combating disease, fostering peace, and nurturing hope.

For 77 years of marriage, he stood by my grandmother until her final days, experiencing an immense outpouring of love from across the globe. Last year, we received nearly 20,000 birthday wishes from over 100 countries, bringing tears to his eyes in the small town of Plains, Georgia.”

“He has witnessed how the technology that connects us can divide us. Jimmy Carter has observed threats to democracy both domestically and internationally. And he has lived to witness one of the pivotal projects of his life – the pursuit of peace between Israel and Palestine – teetering on the edge. Reflecting on his endeavors at Camp David, it remains one of the few beacons of hope in that enduring and complex conflict.”

Yet, he persists on the battlefield.

Despite a year under hospice care, we harbor no expectations for his physical condition daily. However, we remain steadfast in the knowledge that his spirit remains as resilient as ever.

For more information: https://www.cartercenter.org/

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