NATIONAL SLAM THE SCAM DAY- 7th March: Fighting Fraud During Consumer Protection Week

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Empowering Individuals Against Scams

National Slam the Scam Day, observed on the Thursday of Consumer Protection Week, is a critical initiative aimed at raising awareness and empowering individuals to combat Social Security-related scams and other fraudulent activities. As scams continue to proliferate, it’s crucial to equip the public with knowledge and resources to protect themselves from financial exploitation.

Understanding the Scam

Scammers employ various tactics, including phone calls, emails, and threats, to deceive unsuspecting individuals. Marlo Anderson, the founder of National Day Calendar, has witnessed the devastating impact of these scams, highlighting the urgent need for initiatives like National Slam the Scam Day.

Guidance from SSA OIG

The Inspector General for the Social Security Administration (SSA OIG) provides essential guidance on identifying and avoiding scams. They emphasize the importance of being prepared and recognizing warning signs such as threats of arrest or legal action, promises of increased benefits for a fee, and demands for payment via unconventional methods like gift cards or wire transfers.

Timeline of National Slam the Scam Day

  • 2020: National Slam the Scam Day is established to raise awareness about Social Security-related scams.
  • 2021: The initiative expands to include other government imposter scams as reported losses exceed $446 million.
  • 2022: Reported losses climb to nearly $509 million, highlighting the persistent threat posed by scammers.

Taking Action

National Slam the Scam Day serves as a reminder that knowledge is power. By educating ourselves about common scam tactics and staying vigilant, we can protect ourselves and our loved ones from falling victim to fraud. Initiatives like National Slam the Scam Day are crucial in the fight against financial exploitation.


As we commemorate National Slams the Scam Day, let’s unite in the fight against fraud. By spreading awareness, sharing resources, and supporting each other, we can slam the scam and protect our communities from financial exploitation. Stay informed, stay vigilant, and together, let’s make a stand against scams. #SlamTheScam

[For more information and resources, visit the official National Slam the Scam Day website and the Inspector General for the Social Security Administration.]


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