Celebrate Say Hi Day – June 11, 2024: A Simple Greeting, A Powerful Impact

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On June 11, we celebrate Say Hi Day, a unique and heartwarming holiday dedicated to the memory of Joseph Anthony Cinotti, a remarkable teen who left an indelible mark on his community with his cheerful greetings and unwavering positivity. Say Hi Day is more than just a commemoration; it’s a public awareness campaign designed to remind us all of the incredible power held within a simple word: “Hi.”

The Story Behind Say Hi Day

Joseph Anthony Cinotti, the inspiration behind Say Hi Day, was a special needs teen who passed away at the age of 15. Despite the challenges he faced, Cinotti made it a point to greet everyone he met, radiating an infectious positivity that endeared him to his neighborhood. He believed in kindness, humanity, and the importance of acknowledging every individual’s presence. In honor of his life and legacy, the Say Hi Foundation was established, and the first Say Hi Day was celebrated on June 11, 2021.

Why Saying Hi Matters

The word “Hi” might seem insignificant, but its impact is profound. This small gesture can brighten someone’s day, bring a smile to their face, or shift their mood. In a world where many are absorbed in their routines and digital interactions, Say Hi Day encourages us to reconnect with the simple yet powerful act of greeting one another. It’s a reminder that community and connection begin with acknowledging each other’s presence.

A Brief History of the Greeting “Hi”

“Hi” as a greeting has an interesting history. Its earliest known use dates back to 1862 as an exclamation to attract attention, but it wasn’t until the early 20th century that it became popular as a greeting. Derived from the Middle English word “hy,” which is similar to “hey” and “ha,” “Hi” was originally used to call attention. Over time, it evolved into a casual, friendly greeting, cementing its place in everyday vernacular.

How to Celebrate Say Hi Day

1. Say Hi to Everyone: Make an effort to greet as many people as possible today. This isn’t just limited to friends, family, and coworkers—extend a friendly “Hi” to strangers as well. You never know who might need that small boost of positivity.

2. Reconnect with Old Friends: Haven’t spoken to an old friend in a while? Use this day to send a simple “Hey” text or make a call. It might be the key to rekindling a friendship or resolving past conflicts.

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3. Perform Acts of Kindness: Use Say Hi Day as an opportunity to spread kindness. Simple acts, like holding the door open or helping someone with their groceries, paired with a friendly greeting, can make a significant difference in someone’s day.

Fun Facts About the Word “Hello”

  • Informal Tone: “Hi” is a casual alternative to “hello.”
  • Historical Precedence: “Hi” was used long before “hello.”
  • English Roots: The word “Hi” derives from the Middle English “hy.”
  • Original Use: Initially, “Hi” was a call to attract attention.
  • Diverse Greetings: There are 107 different ways to say “hi” in English.

Why We Love Say Hi Day

Honoring Joseph Anthony Cinnoti’s Memory: This day serves as a beautiful tribute to Cinotti, ensuring his legacy of positivity and kindness continues to inspire others.

Promoting Bond Building: Say Hi Day fosters a sense of belonging, inclusiveness, and community. It encourages people to build bonds and get to know each other, contributing to a safer, more connected neighborhood.

Encouraging Kindness: A simple “Hi” can have a ripple effect, brightening someone’s day and promoting a culture of kindness and empathy.

SAY HI DAY Timeline


The Launch

Campaign Say Hi is launched.


Establishment of the Say Hi Foundation

In remembrance of Joseph Anthony Cinotti, the Say Hi Foundation Inc. was established.


The First Observance

Say Hi Foundation observes Say Hi Day for the first time

Join the Movement

This June 11, join the Say Hi Day movement. Embrace the spirit of Joseph Anthony Cinotti by greeting those around you with a warm “Hi.” Let’s create a chain reaction of positive interactions, foster a sense of community, and remind each other that sometimes, the smallest gestures can have the biggest impact.

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